the state capital

Lisbon is the biggest city in Portugal and the capital of the state, where one might find government and cultural institutions. This has a huge bearing on the role the city plays on the country's economy. In recent years there has been an influx of tourists into Portugal, and more specifically into Lisbon.

Lisbon and its surrounding areas comprise the richest part of the land, where 45% of Portugal's gross national product is made. The per capita income is higher than average in Lisbon, and is one of the highest in Europe. There are 600 thousand Portuguese living in Lisbon.


The industrial region

Porto is the capital of Northern Portugal. The central city in the north of the country, and the second in rank after Lisbon.

The Porto District is the industrial center of the country, since most of the factories and construction companies are mostly found there. This makes this city a major player in the country's economy.