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Commercial building 15 minutes from Lisbon City Centre

Investment in a Commercial building 15 minutes from Lisbon City Centre

Urbanização Ex-Sincoral, 9001, A, 3 UF, 2625-125 Póvoa de Santa Iria

If you are looking for GOLDEN VISA in Portugal you should know that the law will probably change soon and you have only a short period of time left for applying for a GOLDEN VISA.
Currently, you can apply for a GOLDEN VISA for 5 years if you are investing a minimum sum of 500K EUR in a commercial property and staying at least 14 days per year in Portugal. Following the 5 years of Golden Visa, you can apply for a citizenship for you and your family.
"Portugal IN" is offering you a great opportunity - investing in a commercial asset located 15 minutes from Lisbon city centre. What is the offer consisting of? The entire building cost is 3M EUR. Up to 6 partners can invest 500.000 EUR each in buying this commercial property to fit the Golden Visa conditions. "Portugal IN" offers a contract in which is obligated rent the property for a 4,5% yield during for a minimum period of 5 years (depending on the client's preference). After this period of time "Portugal IN" will take care of selling the property and sharing 50% of the profit or revenue got from this operation. Portugal IN will take care of everything for you during this process - one stop shop - and help you with all documentation and legalization required. Please contact us for any question.

The property is located 15 minutes from Lisbon city center in an area with great commercial potential and close proximity to a direct highway leading to Lisbon city center. It is a family neighborhood, with a lot of commercial activity around, including Lidl supermarket ,cafes, and restaurants. It includes 4 fractions: A -1,457 m2, B - 236m2 of the mezzanine, C -1,457 m2 and D -1,457 m2.

Commercial area in Lisbon district

The property is located at Urbanização Ex-Sincoral, 9001, A, 3 UF, 2625-125 Póvoa de Santa Iria, Lisbon.
The property is totally renovated
Lidl Supermarket is at the back of the property.
Each floor includes 1457 SQM for commercial use. The R/C has an area of 236 SQM for offices at mezzanine floor.
Parking places in front of the property.
Only 15 minutes from Lisbon city center and next to urban neighborhood with great potential.


Since May 2013, the OECD has listed Portugal as one of the top countries in the world to buy and own real estate. According to this organization, Portuguese real estate is undervalued, and the price-to-rent ratio makes Portugal unarguably the most attractive property market in continental Europe.
The number of foreign people wanting to invest in Portugal has been increasing a lot in the last few years and many have chosen to do it under the Portuguese Golden Visa regime.
Portuguese real estate prices and cost of living are still relatively low in comparison to other European destinations and the growth is still to be continued.
An attractive tax system especially for retirements and hi-tech people makes Portugal a preferred destination to live and invest.


Lisbon-Portugal’s capital city

Lisbon is the biggest city in Portugal and the country's capital, where the government and the culture institutions reside. This affects the central role the city has in the country's economy. In recent years, tourism in Portugal in general, and particularly in Lisbon, has expanded greatly. In the southern part of the Tagus river are several factories.

Lisbon and its vicinity is the richest area in the country, providing over 45% of Portugal's gross national product. Income per capita is higher than average in Portugal, and is one of the highest in Europe. 600 thousand of Portugal's residents live in Lisbon.

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