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Who we are?

Our company gives its customers a full package and accompanies in all stages of the transaction, from the purchase of the apartment on paper, opening a bank account in Portugal, obtaining a mortgage, design, furniture and management until the moment of receiving the key.

The company has offices in Israel and Portugal that have the best professionals. At “Portugal Inn” they speak three languages (Portuguese, English and Hebrew) in order to provide the best service to our customers.

I believe in us – a central strategic location, a well-designed building and apartment and good mortgage conditions will give our deposits the best return. “Portugal Inn” undertakes to act transparently and provide the best service for its customers and present them with the most accurate data according to the tests we conduct under changing market conditions.


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Why Portugal?

In Portugal no tax is paid on profits from crypto

Annual return of between 7%-12%

Financing up to 75%

Value increase of between 5%-10% per year

Portugal was ranked first in Europe for foreign investors in 2022

Since May 2013, the OECD has listed Portugal as one of the leading countries in the world for purchasing and holding real estate. According to this organization, although real estate in Portugal has been undervalued compared to its neighboring European countries, its value will gain momentum in the coming years. In addition, the gap between the price of the property and its rental is low, which makes its annual yield high. This fact makes the real estate market in Portugal the most attractive on the European continent.

Real estate prices and the cost of living in Portugal are still low compared to other European destinations and there is still room for continued growth. A particularly attractive tax system for retirees and high-tech people makes Portugal a preferred destination for residence and investment.

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